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Excellent Suit has created the easiest and safest technique for you to pay for your suit. You can pay by credit cards which would be the fastest and best method of payment. However, if you feel more comfortable using other methods of payment, our executives will supply you with our bank account number. You can then transfer funds to the account.
      However, if you satisfy to pay by another way , we are also welcome either "Western Union Money Service" or by "Postal".

For your convenient in payment, please select your choice below.

Thaiepay THAIEPAY, the local easy and secure online credit card payment gateway in Thailand,

Please click the button on the left Thaiepay/Pay by fax to the form box to fill your credit card information.

if you feel comfortable to fax us your credit card information please click the button on the left.

After submit, please print out to sign your signature and Fax to LTD,PART.

The Fax Machine. No. (662) 246-8133



A Tradition of Fine Custom Tailor groom suit made to order start in good workmanship
Ladies and Gents Custom Tailors groom suits store & Factory wholesale price in us-usa-american, Uk-british,Italy style.

World classic design on fashion Custom Tailoring wool groom suits, silk groom suits factory:
Custom Tailored groom Clothing: Tailored cashmere wool groom Suits, and Tailored pleat groom cotton Shirts, Custom Tailoring store, Factory
Custom Tailored groom fashion wool Suits,groom pleat Shirts,mens Sportcoats,male wool Jackets,wool cashmere Blazers,shiny Tuxedos suits, Tails suits,groom mens suit,wedding suits.
Formal wears,cotton Slacks, silk Trousers,golfwool Pants,cashmere Overcoats,any fabric Topcoats,wool Vests, Casual, Dresses, Blouses, Skirts.factory
We can design on your favorites US-usa-american, Japan, UK-British, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France,Italy,china,Hongkong,Singapore,Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland,Islands, Swaziland, Sweden,Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Swedish , Switzerland, , Finland, Israel, Spain, Belgium, Taiwan, Hongkong, Scotland, Russia, Holland Style.for Ladies & Gentleman and all of fashion in Bangkok Thailand.


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Tel. (662) 248 3740, (662) 642 8650   Fax. (662) 246 8133  Email :,

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