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**** if you would like to send your own fabric and suit sample to our shop for make your beautiful new suits The Shipping cost from the customer to ExcellentSuit.com LTD; Part custom Tailor will be paid for by the customer. ExcellentSuit.com LTD; Part Custom Tailor will pay for shipping costs from our factory back to the customer.


Once of the best offer to you from Excellentsuit..com LTD; Part Custom tailor is 100% responding. -- If you are existing customer or would you like to send one of your best fitting suits,We can use your existing measurements or would be happy to take measurement directly from your sample suit. --If you are not absolutely delighted with our quality of workmanship that your purchase, you may return it and you will receive a full refund.


Usually your suit is completed and ready for shipping within in 2-3 weeks working days. At that point it will take anywhere from one day to one week to ship the suit to you depending upon the type of shipping service you require and if you would like the suits done faster or quickly we can making in 7-10 days you have to pay an extra for our workers mans..
Our master tailor has over 40 years experience delivering custom tailored suits to large international department stores, government agencies, and individuals. ExcellentSuit.com LTD;Part also has over ten additional tailors that have been trained under our master tailor. These additional tailors average five years of experience each.
ExcellentSuit.com LTD; Part Custom Tailor has created the easiest and safest technique for you to pay for your suit. You can pay by credit cards which would be the fastest and best method of payment.or You can transfer via Western Union service or money Gram online service is chearper way for Bank fee and please check it out well Visit our payment page to get Payment Form. However, if you feel more comfortable using other methods of payment, our executives will supply you with our bank account number. You can then transfer funds to the account.
ExcellentSuit.com LTD; part custom Tailor understands the problems involved in ordering suits over the Internet. For that reason we will repair your suit at no additional charge as long as the information you entered in our form is correct. If the information you entered on our form is incorrect we can re-tailor the suit for a small additional charge.

Order Swatches/Brochure Online THAT, we can send the swatches to you for feeling fabric and we are charging only for Air mail cost from you and it's not our policy to take a profit from swatches sample and you can order 1-5 piece shipping cost $5 and 5-10 piece shipping cost $10 in different coulors of Swatches to your place. By Normal Air Postal (take about 2 weeks delivery) if you want a faster by Express Mail (About 3 - 4 days add US $20 more) Please indicate full address and telephone number to ensure on time / correct delivery. For questions, please feel free to email us : sahasomkid@excellentsuit.com,sahasomkid@hotmail.com

For reseller you can start a business or side-business of your own just by being our re-seller or affiliate.The sales-kit comes with pamphlets of 50 to 120 swatches of material,how to guide in measurement, measurement form, style and fabric guide, explanation and pricing guide and a measurement tape....!with this kit, you can proudly design your own custom made garments, or be tailor for your friends and family order now for $150 USD inclusive of of shipping charges..better yet, this amount will be deduced from your total purchase order of counting from 1 when to 15 suits.
****Big Package 10-14 books and some of Brosure swatches weight 6-7 Kg. about 1,000 colors is $395 and this amount will be deduced from your total purchase to 30 suits.If you don't prefer to take the measurement,other option are also available as we are quite flexible.Simly E-mail us to let us know that you are interested.. Thanks

Custom Tailoring suit,We can design on your favorites us-USA, Japan, UK-British, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France,Italy,china,Hongkong,Singapore,Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland,Islands, Swaziland, Sweden,Spanish, Danish, Vietnam, Swedish , Switzerland, , Finland, Israel, Spain, Belgium, Taiwan, Hongkong, Scotland, Russia, Holland Style.for Ladies & Gentleman and all of fashion and great of professional designer in this this custom tailor shop and Thank you all the suporters, mens suits mens made suits,mans made shirt custom wool suits:
Custom Tailored Clothing: Tailored wool cashmere Suits, and Tailored made cotton Shirts, Custom Tailoring fashion clothies
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Formal wears,Tailor made wool silk Slacks,tailored made Trousers,custom made wool Pants,custom made cashmere Overcoats,all kinds Topcoats,wool Vests, Casual, silk Dresses,cotton silk Blouses,wool Skirts.fashion suits
We can design on your favorites USA-American, Japan, UK-British, Canada,Ausy-Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France,Italy, Hong kong, Bangkok Thailand Style.in all fashion


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